End Hunger Together

Monomy (short version of Modular Economy) is a charity not-for-profit organisation wholly run by volunteers, partners and a handful of staffs. We collaborate with small businesses in the F & B industry (local warungs / food peddlers) to provide nourishment for those in need, during semi lockdown imposed by local government to curb the spread of the COVID-19 disease.

Keeping People Safe

When people are encouraged to stay home during the self quarantine measure, those who struggle financially would not be able to afford having the food delivered to their doorstep. With Monomy Virtual Kitchen, we purchase food from nearby local warungs and distribute them to the COVID-19 patients who are being quarantined and needing food to nurture back to health.

Helping Small Businesses Survive

With the restrictions being imposed by the Government, many small businesses are affected as everyone stays home and less people purchase their foods. Monomy Virtual Kitchen collects donations from our donors, and we will purchase the foods from nearby food stalls or local warungs, helping their businesses to sustain even amid the difficult situation.

Donor Friendly Interface

All your donations will be recorded by our online registration system, so you can donate with assurance that your donation will reach intended recipients. You can also check donation usage that we publish openly via our Partners page.

Volunteer Based Coordinator

Monomy Virtual Kitchen will not happen without volunteers, individuals with hearts and a driving force who served as coordinators. Your helping hand is greatly appreciated. If you are one, please register as a volunteer by clicking the button below and filling our online registration form.

Recipient Right on Target

On behalf of all who receive your donation, we would like to say thank you. If you want to know more about the individuals who receive this donation, please click the button below to get to know each one personally.

Self Sufficient Modules

Our long-term plan is to create a self-sufficient smart digital district that accommodates individuals with special needs, seniors, and neglected children (orphans) to work together in modules, to help each other, be the pioneers of the cooperative modular economic system. These concept are currently under construction.